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Laser Show DACs (Computer Interfaces)

This is a chart of the known digital-to-analog converters used for interfacing laser projectors to computer systems. Each name should link to a dedicated page for information about a specific DAC.

Name Manufacturer Interface Misc
QuadMod16 Pangolin Zorro II (Amiga) LD300/400 Software
QuadMod32 Pangolin 16-bit ISA Lasershow Designer
QuadMod2000 Pangolin PCI Last of PCI
FB3QS Pangolin USB
FB3 Pangolin USB Options for Diff, MMC Card, DMX
FB4 Pangolin Ethernet Options for ILDA, DMX
Etherdream j4cbo USB/Ethernet
RIYA MultiBus RIYA USB / Ethernet DMX512, SD Card
MediaLas DAC MediaLas USB?
Norms DAC Norm Parallel Port Open Source Schematic
Frame Streamer Express Norm/ChrisF USB
Laser Illusions ISA Rick Gebhardt PC ISA For Graphics Workstation
Laser Illusions Alphalite Rich Gebhardt Parallel Port
Boxx Laser Boxx? Parallel Port
Bytemare ? C64 Cartridge
x29 v1 New Method Lasers 8-Bit ISA
x29 v2 New Method Lasers 16-Bit ISA
bIlda1 Robin Adams USB
bIlda2 Robin Adams USB
Etherpro Robin Adams Ethernet
RayComposer USB Robin Adams USB Might be bIlda2
Various Sound Cards Misc Modified sound cards
LaserWorld ShowNET Laserworld Ethernet
LaserMax LaserNet in Florida PC ISA MS-DOS, MWK Catalog, BeamFX Software
Helios Gitle / LasershowGen USB, Open source
AppleDACS AppleDacs Apple II slot Hardware / Software combo for Apple II
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