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Laser Illusions AlphaLite XC

PC based laser show system. Earlier hardware was an ISA DAC card, with the follow up being this parallel port DAC. The parallel port gave it the ability to be used with laptop computers, so taking a system on the go was possible.

Hardware featured blanking, color channels, X and Y. MIDI was added to the box (no idea why the Microsoft MIDI system wasn't used.)

The Laser Illusions software had the ability to play back clips, do targeted beam sequencing, abstracts and some other features. It did not have a timeline.

The cost for the hardware was around $350.

The hardware has a serial number in it, and it could be tricky getting a PC parallel port in the right mode to communicate with the box (Standard, ECP or EPP mode.) In the process of trying to get it to work I believe mine lost the programmed serial number.

Will post link to software soon.

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