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Norm's Frame Stream Xpress Laser Show DAC

The second hardware platform from Norm (with help from Chris Favreau) was called the Frame Stream Xpress.

It features higher resolution (I believe) than the earlier dual DAC parallel port adapter. In addition to this, full 3 colors was standard as was a USB interface. This was quite a breakthrough in hobbyist level DACs at the time. The FSX also featured an on-board DC-Dc converter that converted the 5V USB to +15/-15.

The software was a more advanced version of the software that was used with the parallel port DAC from Norm. It could do ILDA file output, and had some limited features but wasn't quite up to snuff to run a full show on the level of the professional software. But it was a breakthrough for the hobbyists.

Norm's webpage is still active: Norms Homemade Laser Show

I still have some files related to this DAC and will post a link to them in time. In the meantime, the software is still published on Norm's site.

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