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Pangolin QuadMod32

The Pangolin QuadMod32 was an advanced hardware output add-on board for the IBM PC series of computers. It featured an on-board Motorola processor along with dedicated memory. The laser show was moved into the board where the show was then played back directly from the board. This allowed the host PC to crash or “lock up” during playback and the show to continue.

The QuadMod32 uses a 16-bit ISA connector to communicate with the host PC, and uses a 50 pin male ribbon cable connector on the card edge. The breakout cable leads to two DB-25 connectors, one is for X/Y and color signals for laser projector and the other is for TTL type outputs for effects control.

The memory is 30 pin SIMM style DRAM, standard in it's era and commonly available.

Note - The DB25 is not ILDA standard, it is similar to that of the QuadMod16 board for the Amiga. This board likely pre-dates the ILDA standard.

The board was used with Pangolin Lasershow Designer and I believe an early version of another program called ShowTime.

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