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Laser Show Galvos and Amplifiers

Galvomenters, or Galvos for show are electromechanical devices that move mirrors to deflect a laser beam. Used with analog signal generators or computer based signal sources.


Model Brand kpps @ 8deg Description
G100PD General Scanning 30k Closed loop galvo
6800H Cambridge 30k Did 50k @ 7deg w/ Pangolin mod?
6800HP Cambridge ? 2nd ver of 6800H, optical position det.
6210 Cambridge Unk
6215HB Cambridge 30Kpps Closed loop, magnetic position detection
Catweazle MediaLas 30K Had issues with high power (5Watt+)
DT40 Dragon Tiger 40K @ 8deg?
DT40W Dragon Tiger ? Wide angle version of DT40
EMS-4000 Eye-Magic ? 48 degree scan angle? 30K? 24K?
EMS-5100 Eye-Magic 30K 55 degree scan angle, amp built into scanners?
EMS-8000 Eye-Magic ? 60 degree scan angle


Model Brand Description
EMA-1200 EyeMagic Goes with EMS-4000 Scanners
EMA-2000 EyeMagic Goes with EMS-8000 Scanners
67880-LS Cambridge 6800HP, Single axis, optical position det
673215H-0LS0 Cambridge Dual axis, 6215HB 30K Galvos, Magnetic feedback
6777215H-LS Cambridge Single axis, 6215HB 30K Galvos, Magnetic feedback
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