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Image Engineering Digital Video Decoder DVD-283

Information here is based on research and logical guesses.

- This unit decodes digital data modulated in a video signal to DACs that drive laser projectors.

- This unit doesn't appear to have a CPU. The incoming data seems to clock the hardware and the data to the DACs.

- The unit supports two scan heads, A and B. When both are active it appears to cut the scan rate in half.

- The unit has 4 digital outputs in addition to X/Y/R/G/B, B1 thru B3 and a SH(utter?)

- The DACs for R G B channels are 8 bit DACs, but two of the data pins are tied to ground

- The DACs for X and Y appear to be 12 bit

Ethan has done some work drawing out a schematic for the DAC side to discover where to pick up the clock and serial data after it's pulled from the video signal with the idea of building a microcontroller program to take that data and push it to a computer with no loss.

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