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 +====== Pangolin QuadMod32 ======
 +{{ :​pangolin_quadmod_32.jpg?​400 |}}
 +The Pangolin QuadMod32 was an advanced hardware output add-on
 +board for the IBM PC series of computers. It featured an on-board
 +Motorola processor along with dedicated memory. The laser show 
 +was moved into the board where the show was then played back 
 +directly from the board. This allowed the host PC to crash or 
 +"lock up" during playback and the show to continue.
 +The QuadMod32 uses a 16-bit ISA connector to communicate with the host PC,
 +and uses a 50 pin male ribbon cable connector on the card edge. The breakout
 +cable leads to two DB-25 connectors, one is for X/Y and color signals for 
 +laser projector and the other is for TTL type outputs for effects control. ​
 +The memory is 30 pin SIMM style DRAM, standard in it's era and commonly available.
 +Note - The DB25 is not ILDA standard, it is similar to that of the QuadMod16 ​
 +board for the Amiga. This board likely pre-dates the ILDA standard.
 +The board was used with Pangolin Lasershow Designer and I believe ​
 +an early version of another program called ShowTime.
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