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Laser Show Software

This is a list of current and historic laser show software. Titles can link to dedicated pages here.

Show Software

Name Company Notes
Beyond Pangolin Current, Win XP+
Quickshow Pangolin Current, Win XP+
LD2000 Pangolin Win, QuadMod32 / FB3
LaserShow Designer Pangolin Win 95+, QuadMod32
LSD1000 Pangolin Amiga, internal sound DAC for output
LD400 Pangolin Amiga, QuadMod16 support
LSX Andrew K. LDS Derivative, most improved one
Laser Design Studio LDS Source sold many times
Pheonix Now Owned by Pangolin LDS Derivative
Merlin LDS Derivative
Lasersoftware Dynamics LDS Derivative
GLS (Get Laser Show) Riya LDS Derivative
Full Auto New Method Lasers Windows based
X-29 New Method Lasers Windows based
Laser Illusions Rick Gebhardt AlphaLite ISA/LPT DAC
Box Performer Derrick Hopkins / Box Laser Industries LPT DAC
Norm's Laser Show Norm, Chris F. Hobbyist level software
Mamba MediaLas
Mamba Black MediaLas
MIII (Mamba Black v3) MediaLas
Mamba Elements MediaLas
HE-Laserscan Erich Hauns?
RayComposer Robin Adams Win/OSX
LaserWorld ShowEditor LaserWorld Software/NetDAC
LasershowGen Gitle HTML5 / Node.JS?
Cypher Lite Neo Laser Pangolin Live Pro/ Live Q related, FB3
Cypher Live Pro Neo Laser Pangolin Live Pro / Live Q related, FB3
LAStudio Alexey Sinitsyn / Uspekh Ltd Windows/RIYA then bought by Pangolin
Laser Lite Unknown Found mention in Anarchy Editor file format list
Laser Drawer Unkown Found mention in Anarchy Editor file format list
LasergraphDSP Laser Animation Sollinger Embedded Platform, closed system, high end
LACON Lobo German, Embedded Platform, closed system, high end
MODULA Lobo German, Embedded Platform, closed system, high end

Dedicated Analog Signal Generation

DigiSynth Matt P.
Maxwell Johnny Turpin
Aaron Bachs

Auxilary Utilities

LaserBoy ILDA frame toolbox
IldaSos Andrew K. Vector to ILDA, Frame optimization
LaserCam Andrew K. Camera edge tracing to ILDA Frame sequence
Dot Monkey Laservision Internationa ILDA frame / tracing application
Dot Monkey? Boxx Lasers ILDA Frame editor
kLaserPlay? Linux Laser KDE Linux ILDA Frame Player
Anarchy ILDA Frame editor, Windows
LasershowGen Web based/Windows ILDA show generator
TraceIT LAStudio Raster to Vector Conversion - Pangolin acquired
ViTrace LAStudio Raster to Vector-Raster Generator - Pangolin acquired
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