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 +====== bIlda2 DAC ======
 +Similar to the {{bilda1}} DAC, this version mostly existed as pictures on the
 +page. I believe it is a size-reduced implementation of the bIlda1 interface.
 +This was published at a time before there were really any USB DACs on the market. I'm only aware of 
 +kLaserPlay which is a Linux ILDA frame player/​viewer based on the KDE desktop framework. Other software might 
 +support the interface, not sure.
 +There is a possibility that the RayComposerUSB DAC is the same as the webpage for RayComposerUSB answers at the website.
 +Archive of the old can be seen here: https://​​web/​20080314014033/​http://​​
 +Pictures of the bIlda2 DAC:
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